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Towards Quality Life!

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Company Profile

ACS MYANMAR MEDICAL PTE LTD is established in Singapore since 2013 and comprise of a subsidiary company officially registered as ACS MYANMAR MEDICAL CO., LTD in Myanmar. Our company seek the market potential in Myanmar due to the fact that she is a newly opened market and we have invested months worth of time and resources to study this potential healthcare market. The objective was to conduct market survey on the various medical demands require in the healthcare system and medical supply available to this healthcare system.

We aim to provide advance Medical Equipment to Myanmar healthcare institutions including government hospitals, private hospitals and clinics. The equipment are imported from established manufacturers with worldwide recognition accreditation and certification. ACS Myanmar Medical Pte Ltd amins to contribute to the Healthcare sectors in Myanmar and strive to deliver advance medical equipment to treat patients and lead them to a better quality of life.

ACS Myanmar Medical Pte Ltd has invested in the company and this investment in Myanmar derived from our concrete strategic planning and marketing. As our company continue to grow, we aim to be the top distributor and recognized as the key leader for distribution of the latest and quality medical devices and systems in Myanmar. We cover all areas in Myanmar and deploy our teams respectively to be responsible for sales and marketing of various state.

Here, we believe in the quality medical products from our Manufactures will provide Myanmar Healthcare system with a treatment made available to the patient. It is a great market potential in Myanmar to develop the awareness of new technology and new treatment option. From our market survey with our customers, we have many interests in quality medical devices from hospitals in Myanmar. This is the most appropriate period to introduce new medical system and its technology, into the market and this will be most accepted treatment to the patients.

Our Values


We believe in delivering quality medical products and suppport services to our customers.


To deliver with competence and assurance on Product Education and Training, After Sale Services and Service Maintenances.


To fulfill healthcare medical needs and ensure our quality standards meet customers' needs

Our Mission

  1. To provide advance healthcare products for healthcare institutions and medical professionals, healthcare provider and patients
  2. To contribute and enhance the availability of medical products available in Myanmar and quality of life for the patient.
  3. To educate and create awareness of advance healthcare treatment available.

Our Vision

ACS Medical Pte Ltd aspire to be the key leader in providing quality healthcare medicalspplies in Myanmar and expand the business across the ASEAN region such as Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam and Philipines.