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The Belmont® Rapid Infuser

The Belmont® Rapid infuser is credited with saving thousands of lives globally by infusing warm blood and fluid into patients experiencing massive blood loss. Patented electromagnetic induction heating heats to target temperatures in a single pass while intelligent software monitors and controls infusion.

The screen continuously displays total volume infused, infusion rate, fluid temperature and system pressure. The unit has two air detectors; one at input and another at output. No water baths are needed. The disposable set is designed for easy set up and the system only requires one clinician to set up and run the unit.

  • Rapid infuser
  • Make rapid infusion to new level of safety
  • Flow rate(2.5-750 ml/minute)


Unique Instant Heater

  • Infused fluid warmed to real physiological temperature in seconds
  • No overheating
  • No temperature drop

High Speed Volumetric Pump

  • Flow control 2.5-750 ml/minute
  • Eliminates dangerous, uncontrollable bag compressors
  • Monitors total infused volume for accurate I/O charting
  • Optional 3 liter reservoir
  • Easy to use
A new level of safety
A new level of safety
  • Two ultrasonic air detectors
  • Automatic air purge
  • Line pressure control
  • Real time temperature monitoring
  • Online step by step set up, prime and trouble shooting
  • Bolus infusion allows rapid response in critical situations