Towards Quality Life!

Towards Quality Life!

Welcome to ACS Myanmar Medical

ACS MYANMAR MEDICAL is established in 2013 with its core business on providing Advance Medical Devices for Healthcare institutions and Medical Practitioners. We provide Advance Medical Devices which are imported from established manufacturers with worldwide recognition accreditation and certification. ACS Myanmar Medical Co., Ltd aims to contribute to the Healthcare sectors and to deliver advance medical equipment that benefit the patients and lead them to a better Quality of Life. With strategic planning, marketing activities and sales, we strive to be the top distributor and the key leader for distribution of the latest and quality medical devices and systems.

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What We Offer

  • expand_moreAfter Sales Services

    As we provide all in one solution to our customers to give full services, we support for the maintenance in all ranges of products like academic services, conferences and after-sale services.

    As we understand the requirements for all the products should be in excellent condition to provide the best of treatment to patients, thereby, can make improvement in good quality of outcomes for everyone. We value and look forward to see the best and latest advanced medical products in Myanmar.

  • expand_moreAcademic Conference Participation

    Today all the advanced technology are going so fast and updated in everywhere, the role of health care system are improving. Staying advance with new technology is also a good thing .So, providing the advanced healthcare system, we are offering and supporting foreign conferences to medical practitioners for further advanced level to be compatible with national and global health care system.

  • expand_moreProduct Training

    As advanced technological medical products are available in globally, we are also participating and practicing this advanced and innovative approach of technology by contributing the product training to medical practitioners, specialists and professors to update the medical system and outcome of the results of patients.

  • expand_moreHealthcare Technology

    The technologies are improving rapidly not only in our social media like telecommunication but also in healthcare system. The advanced and innovative medical system can contribute to safety and better results of patients’ standard of living and quality of life and it ,in turn, can reduce the operation time and save consequences of operation.


XXV Annual ORL-HNS Conference (Pre-Conference Workshop And Conference)

XXV Sliver Jubilee Annual ORL-HNS Conference "The More Branching, The More Blossoming" Pre-Conference - Training Centre, Yangon General Hospital (11 Jan 2017) Conference - Novotel Hotel (12 & 13 Jan 2017)

21 St Biennial Surgeons’ Conference - Shwe Pyi Tar Hotel, Mandalay

We are participating the 21 St Biennial Surgeons’ Conference at Shwe Pyi Tar Hotel, in Mandalay as we can make continuous advanced medical products exhibitions to medical practitioners and professors.

First Myanmar Radiofrequency Ablation Workshop 2014

The First Myanmar Radiofrequency ablation workshop is introduced in Summit Parkview Hotel at 16 Oct 2014 as the latest and advanced medical technologies are increasing nowadays with high speed.

Testimonials & Recommendations

We believe that the Haifu Model JC System is cost-effective relative to alternative treatments for tumors, and particularly because of the system’s capability to treat malignant tumors, some of which have no alternative treatment.

Dr. Manuel Alavarez del Castillo
Hosptial Universitari Mutua Terrassa
April 2013

We confirm hereby that a Haifu Model JC Focused Ultrasound Tumor Therapeutic System , developed and manufactured by Chongqing Haifu Medical Technology Co. Ltd., in Chongqing, P.R. China, has been installed in our hospital and is being used to treat patients with solid tumors.The Haifu Model JC Focused Ultrasound Tumor Therapeutic System received CE approval in June 2005.

Milka Marinova, PhD, MD
Department of Radiology, Hosptial & Medical School University of Bonn, Germany
May 10, 2016

In South Korea, the Gang-Nam St. Peter’s Hospital also have exciting numbers of treated patients. In 2012, they treated 385 patients with Haifu, the number increased to 548 in 2013. The Haifu Model JC system has been shown to be an effective and safe modality for non- invasive tumor treatment, confirming published data from medical centers around the world.

Dr. Kim Taehee
Haifu Knife Tumor Therapeutic Center Leader
May 10, 2016