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Dr.Camscope 3D Laparoscopy System

Create new paradigm with 3D Laparoscope
Experience realistic stereo images

Benefit of 3 D laparoscope (Dr Camscope)
  • Decrease in bleeding, infection, and pain after surgery
  • Cosmetic effect due to minimal invasion
  • Early recovery and early discharge
  • Realistic 3D image implement "depth" recognition : Higher accuracy of operation
  • In high skill surgery, can prevent accidents that can occur in 2D : High satisfaction with surgery results
  • Easier surgery : High Skill is not required
  • Decreased surgery time

Main Unit
Main Unit
Light Source Unit
Light Source Unit
More realistic stereo image
More realistic stereo image

Scope Unit

Scope integrated with LED light
Light cables are very simple because scope's light source integrates with camera cables.
Full HD 3 Chip CCD Camera 1080P
High resolution Full HD 3 Chip CCD image sensor loaded in camera not only expresses vivid and rich colors but also provides clear and correct image.
High resolution ROD Lens
Sometech develops independently endoscopic lens through technical cooperation with the top optic company in Germany and endoscopic lens provides superior high resolution 3D laparoscope.

Scope Type
Technical cooperation with the top optic company in Germany

  • Precise operation and Shorten the operation time
  • Greater Depth Perception
  • Improve accuracy in laparoscopic skills for novices
  • Feasible, Comfortable and Well-accepted Visualization

-Hysterectomy-Pelvic Lymph node Dissection
-Ovary Cystectomy
-Cholecystectomy-Partial Hepatectomy
-Inguinal and Femoral Hernia
-Renal extirepation-Pyeloplasty
-Pelvic floor reconstructive surgery-Renal Cystectomy