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Towards Quality Life!

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XXV Annual ORL-HNS Conference (Pre-Conference Workshop And Conference)

Date : 2017-01-16

We are participating  XXV Sliver Jubilee Annual ORL-HNS Conference --

(1)Pre-Conference - Training Centre, Yangon General Hospital (11 Jan 2017) and (2)Conference-  Novotel Hotel (12 & 13 Jan 2017).

In Pre-Conference, There is lectures about Basic nature of neck ultrasounography and  Radio Frequency Ablation on thyroid nodules and  case demonstrations of patients on thyroid nodules at Training Centre, Yangon General Hospital (11 Jan 2017).

In Conference , we are providing continuous advanced medical products exhibitions to medical practitioners and professors. And we also introduced the latest medical disinfection system like CSSD  (Central Sterile Supply Department)Model as it can make perfect and complete set for sterilization of all the operation equipment.


And we also explained the technology for RFA therapy which is Radio Frequency Ablation, minimal-Invasive ultrasound therapeutic system for malignant and benign tumors  and less operation time. The RFA system is also suitable for solid tumors of liver tumor,Thyroid nodules, Breast Cancer, Kidney tumor, Pancreas tumor , Myoma , Lung tumours and bone tumor.


We are trying to improve the standard quality of life for patients as it is the most important thing for every person. By providing the innovative quality medical devices, we can grow and enhance well-being of the patients.