Towards Quality Life!

Towards Quality Life!

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High Intensity Focus Ultrasound

Model JC
Focused Ultrasound Tumor Therapeutic System

Radio Frequency Ablation

RF Generator
Solution for Thermo-Ablation with RF medical technologies

Low temperature sterilizer

Plasma Sterilizer
Sterilize more with RENO-series

Hyperthermia pump

Hyperthermia Pump
Safely Deliver Hyperthermic Therapy

Infusion pump

Rapid Infuser RI-2
Taking Rapid Infusion to a New Level of Safety & Efficacy

ENT Total Treatment system

ENT workstation
Latest ENT Total treatment Unit

Portable Digital Fluroscopy

Portable Digital Fluoroscopy System
Beyond Innovation For the Future of Healthcare

Mobile CT

Dedicated mobile cone-beam CT
A mobile CBCT scanner for the 3D x-ray diagnosis

Endoscope washer

Endoscope Washer
Guarantees safety in medical examination

Dr camscope 3 D Laparoscope system

Dr. Camscope Laparoscopy System
More accurate and Safe operation with 3D image

Ultra Violet Rays Sterillzer

Ultraviolet Rays Sterilizer

Incubator or Dry Heat Sterillzer

Dry Heat Sterilizer

EO Sterillzer

EO Gas Sterilizer

Small Steam Sterillzer

Small Steam Sterilizer

Large Steam Sterillzer

Large Steam Sterilizer

Medical Refrigarator and Freezer

Medical Refrigerator
Freezer & Other Product